Why Invest In The West?

  • The region is America's epicenter of population growth and job creation
  • Highly concentrated points of urbanization
  • Limited institutional competition, if any, in many markets
  • Low cost of doing business combined with high quality of life
  • Significant influence of technology and alternative energy industries

Why IEG?

  • IEG has the resources to effect change in overlooked markets with solid growth and sound fundamentals
  • IEG principals bring a specialized knowledge and proven track record in investment in the West
  • IEG brings long established relationships with regional bankers, lenders, consultants, attorneys, CPAs etc.
  • With years of investment in the region, IEG has built an extensive network of corporate and government relationships
  • IEG has extensive experience in entitlement and macro marketing strategies in underserved markets
"One of the clearest overall trends is that Americans are moving West and South. In fact, 7 out of the 10 fastest growing states are in the West."
Population Education,